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                                        3D Shapes, Inc. - Silver Certified Moldflow Consulting Partner. Plastic filling through warpage including cooling, overmold, gas-assist, coinjection, Mucell, reactive molding, RTM/SRIM, microchip encapsulation, underfill encapsulation (flip chip), Dynamic Feed. Midplane, Fusion and 3-D element analysis from any CAD system. Moldflow MPA sales including ConsultToOwn program. Structural analysis with Patran AFEA (MARC).
                                        All American Poly - offers a complete line of custom manufactured bags and sheeting. Will design a bag for virtually any application. Custom modifications utilizing color concentrates, ultra violet inhibitors, absorbers, flame retardants, and anti statics are available. Their films are designed for specific customer applications, have been market tested and approved.
                                        ALLIED HYDRAULIC SERVICES INC. - ALLIED HYDRAULIC SERVICES is a full line hydraulic distributor. We specialize in manufacturing gear and vane pumps. We also have a complete field service and hydraulic repair division.
                                        American Kuhne - American Kuhne is a manufacturer of high technology extrusion machinery, providing value and benefits far beyond all existing suppliers. The American corporation is formed in partnership with one of Europe’s premier extrusion machinery suppliers, Kuhne GmbH, of St. Augustine, Germany.
                                        The American Plastics Council - www.plastics.org is the American Plastics Council's website that provides information about the benefits of plastics and serves as a valuable educational resource tool for anyone interested in plastics and the plastics industry. The user is able to search for plastics related topics and access our two additional sites, www.ameriplas.org, which provides information on the APC trade association, APC's members, nuts and bolts facts on plastics, an on-line newsroom for APC events and press releases, APC's education programs, and information on the phenomenal economic contributions of plastics. www.plasticsresource.com is continuing to help make APC the worldwide source of information on plastics and the environment by linking to dozens of organizations and offering numerous reports, publications and various information on plastics and the environment as well as virtual tours and interactive mini-sites.
                                        Anchor Packaging - Manufacturer of rigid plastic disposable food service containers. We also make lids to fit the numerous containers and film wrap.
                                        Associated Rubber Company - A full service custom mixer and tread rubber manufacturer
                                        Aderco Fuel Additives - We manufacture fuel additives for all types of petroleum based fuels including a solid additive for gasoline.
                                        Air Products and Chemicals, Inc - A leading supplier of industrial gases and related equipment, specialty and intermediate chemicals, and environmental and energy systems.
                                        Akzo Nobel - An international company headquartered in Arnhem, the Netherlands, with a broad range of products including: chemicals, fibers, coatings, health care and pharmaceuticals.
                                        Aldon Chemical - Products to clean, beautify, protect, maintain, and solve problems with: ceramic tile, stone, slate, brick, granite, marble, limestone, mexican tile, quarry tile, masonry, concrete tile, grout.
                                        Applied Coatings & Linings, Inc. - Applicators and suppliers of high performance paints, coatings and linings for preventing corrosion in industrial, marine and offshore environments.
                                        Aslchem International Inc - A multinational chemical Import/Export corporation.
                                        Aspen Technology, Inc. - Aspen Technology Inc is a company that produces a variety of products serving the simulation and modeling needs of the Chemical Process Industries.
                                        Atlantis Plastics, Inc. - A leading U.S. manufacturer in the appliance, automotive, agricultural, dairy, recreational vehicle, and other commercial industries.

                                        BASF Corporation - A leading manufacturer of chemicals and related products, such as plastics, provides information on the company, its markets and services.
                                        Bayer AG - The Bayer Group is an international chemical and health care company.
                                        Beilstein Information Systems - Information System of organic chemistry with over millions of chemical data reports and 10 millions of reactions.
                                        BHEMMER - Specialty Chemicals & Engineered Treatment Programs for: Industrial Water, Wastewater & Process Systems. BMS Burns -- Burns Mold Supply - BMS Burns -- Burns Mold Supply is a supplier of a wide range of products to plastics processors, die casters, and mold builders. Providing everything from mold components and heaters, to screws, barrels, controllers and complete mold bases for nearly three decades.
                                        Brymill Inc - Hand-held liquid nitrogen cryogenic systems.
                                        Buckman Laboratories - A specialty chemical company serving the pulp and paper, water treatment, leather, coatings, agricultural, and wood treatment industries worldwide.
                                        Business Industrial Network - Business Industrial Network is a web site that provides free information to industrial maintenance professionals. This site maintains a database of machine problems and solutions, which includes a section for injection molding machines and extruders. We also will help you troubleshoot your machine problems via email.
                                        BARPIMO: Barnices y Pinturas - A producer of wood coatings, industrial paints and building paints in Spain, Mexico and Chile, and exports to many countries in Europe and South America. En Espanol

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                                        CHEMFAB CORPORATION - CHEMFAB CORPORATION is a regional plastics and composite materials manufacturing and supply company that provides materials, manufacturing and repair services to a broad range of industrial companies. The plastic, FRP, and composite materials we supply continue to perform under the most difficult industrial conditions. We provide chemical resistant solutions for the harshest environments.
                                        CLI International - Our job is to keep exciting things from happening.
                                        Calgon Corporation - Calgon is a leading producer and supplier of specialty chemicals and a provider of related services for water treatment, papermaking, cosmetics, surface treatment and specialty biocides for various other industrial applications.
                                        The Chemical Industry - The Chemical Industry Home Page
                                        Chevron Corporation@ - One of the world's largest petroleum companies, with operations in more than 100 countries.
                                        Composites - An Insider's Technical Guide to Corporate America's Activities. Second Edition.
                                        COSMOS Online - WWW Marketplace of the Chemical and other industries with suppliers and products in NAFTA, Latinamerica and other countries.
                                        CTD, Inc - Commercial development of cyclodextrin applications.
                                        Chemfab Corporation - Manufactures polymer composite materials that are pliable, durable and exhibit superior high-temperature, chemical, electrical and surface release properties.

                                        Deck San Diego Inc. - specializes in turning your outdoor areas into new, inviting living spaces. We design and build high quality decks, trellises and outdoor amenities for San Diego homes.
                                        DiamondBLACK technology - DiamondBLACK specializes in plastic injection mold coatings applied in a vacuum that increase wear resistance, lubricity, and release capability.
                                        DuPont - DuPont is a science and technology based global company of people who make products that make a difference in everyday life.
                                        The Dow Chemical Company - The Dow Chemical Company is the fifth largest chemical company in the world, with annual sales of more than $20 billion.
                                        Dielectric Polymers - Our product range capabilities are coating pressure sensitive rubber, acrylic and silicone adhesives on release liners as free transfer films, double adhesive coated paper, tissue and film with a release liner and in self wound tape form coated on polyester, and polyimide film.
                                        Dojindo Laboratories - A manufacturer of chemical reagents ranging from analytical to biochemical compounds with more than 800 products in the catalog.
                                        DSM Somos - Stereolithography resins

                                        Eastman Chemical - Eastman Chemical Company (NYSE:EMN) is a leading international chemical company that produces a wide range of chemicals, fibers and plastics.
                                        Element Analysis Coporation - Advanced technology laboratory, providing testing services through spectroscopic methods, PIXE, PIGE and FNAA for non-destructive, rapid turnaround, elemental analysis of solids, powders, liquids, filters and wipe samples for the plastic, polymer, rubber and other industries.

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                                        Furuuchi Chemical (Japan) Furuuchi Chemical is a pioneer in new materials and is selling their high purity electronics materials directry to overseas purchasers, procurement sections of laboratories, universities and institutes anywhere in the world.

                                        Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company - The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

                                        Harbec Plastics - Specializing In Precision Injection Molding, Tooling, Rapid Prototypes, and Design.
                                        Hede Nielsen A/S - Manufacturer of gases for industrial, medical and special purposes.
                                        Hoechst AG - The Hoechst Internet Forum

                                        Intelligent Solutions - Insol Ltd. is a producer of unique APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) software system that addressing the chemical, petrochemical and especially the plastic industries. The VisOpt system enables the scheduling and planning of complex production environments to achieve 'close to optimize' work plan, concerning all the constraints that are typical to this kind of production.
                                        Imtech Design - Moldflow consultant services. Imtech Design uses the powerful Moldflow system to simulate the mold filling, cooling and part warpage characteristics of plastic injection mouldings For toolmakers, part designers, moulders, molders and Moldflow users.
                                        Industrial Forming and Design - Specialists in design and production of parts handling trays, medical device and electronic component packaging, and electronic covers and bezels.
                                        IDES, Inc. - IDES, Inc. is the world's source for plastics information. We have data sheets (direct from the supplier) on nearly any plastic material you can imagine. A powerful search engine allows you to find the resin to meet your specific needs in a matter of minutes.
                                        INDIAN PLASTICS INSTITUTE - IPI is one of the India's leading national professional institutes with a countrywide membership of professionals engaged in the plastic industry. It keeps its members abreast with the latest developments in raw materials, processing, applications, tooling and plant and equipment related to plastics. This is achieved through seminars, lecture meetings and workshops conducted at different chapters and sub-chapters throughout the country. With its widespread infrastructure IPI is able to reach centres of activity by providing them the opportunity to participate in these programmes.
                                        ICI Fiberite - Since its inception in 1948, Fiberite, Inc. has grown to become the world's largest supplier of advanced composite materials and a leader in thermoset molding compounds.
                                        Interchem Corporation - Pharmaceutical and chemical suppliers.
                                        International Biochemicals Group - Environmental biotechnology.

                                        Jamestown Tooling & Machining - Manufacturers of: Plastic injection molds, aluminum molds, prototype molds, structural foam molds, blow molds, powder injection molds, gas assist molds, glass molds & aluminum, brass or zinc die cast using Pro/Engineer, Alias Wavefront, Camax on Silicon Graphics platforms.
                                        JPI Technologies - At JPI Technologies we provide our customers with complete solutions to the growing demands of today's injection molding industry. Our expertise lies in assisting customers from concept to production. Our promise is to be there to meet your needs. Whether you are interested in a complete package or just need components, JPI Technologies can offer you superior products engineering and support at the highest quality.

                                        K.R. Anderson Co., Inc - Distributor of silicone, solder, epoxies, and many other hi-tech products. See our page for a complete listing.
                                        KCC Corrosion Control, Inc - Your Single Source For High Performance Corrosion-Resistant Systems.

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                                        Larsan Chemical Company, Akron, Ohio - Save Time and Money with ZCLEAN for Fast Purging Time and Startups!

                                        Miramar Sign Works & Graphics - Miramar Sign Works & Graphics is a San Diego based full-service sign & large format graphics company serving San Diego and Southern California.
                                        Mitech Corporation - Mitech is a broker of steel wire, plastic resin and film, dealing in a wide range of raw materials.
                                        Matweb - A free materials properties database providing engineering data including mechanical, electrical, thermal, magnetic, chemical, atomic, and nuclear material properties.

                                        Mobile Plastic Works Inc. - provides high quality custom designed aquariums in the Southern, CA areaFor 16 years, Mobile Plastic Works Inc has served the Southern, California area with a commitment to service and value in the Southern California area, including San Diego, Orange County Riverside and Los Angeles Counties. 

                                        Monsanto - Monsanto is devoted to discovering, manufacturing and marketing agricultural and biotechnology products, prescription pharmaceuticals, food ingredients and performance chemicals used in consumer products.
                                        Materials and Electrochemical Research (MER) Corporation - Devoted to high technology materials and electrochemical research and development with emphasis on advanced ceramics, intermetallics, reinforcements, composites, coatings and fullerenes.
                                        Melamine Chemicals, Inc - Melamine Chemicals, Inc. is one of only two producers of melamine in the Western Hemisphere and is one of the three largest producers in the world.
                                        Mobil Corporation@ - To businesses and consumers throughout the world, Mobil sells thousands of products--industrial lubricants, premium gasolines, natural gas, petrochemicals, technology licenses and much more.
                                        Neste Resins North America - A responsible world class developer and manufacturer of adhesives and resins.
                                        Norlabs Incorporated - A manufacturer of one and two component silicones, epoxy resins and silicone greases and compounds for industry.

                                        Ogden Enterprises, Inc. - Industrial machinery for the wood and plastic industry. Distributor of the ROTOPLANE PLANER, the precision alternative to conventional planing or sanding and the WINTERSTEIGER VERTICAL SAW, a thin cutting frame saw used in the veneering and laminating industries. Call (704)845-2785
                                        Old Line Plastics - Manufactures a variety of injection-molded products for automotive and consumer industries.
                                        OXARC Inc - Inland Northwestern industrial supplies company.

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                                        Plastics Distributor and Fabricator Magazine - The Plastics Distributor & Fabricator Magazine, published since 1980, is the Industry Magazine for distributors and fabricators of all types of plastic sheet, rod, tube, film, pipe, fittings and other stock shapes. It is sent bi-monthly to a circulation of just under 30,000 including a foreign distribution list. The magazine is the premier publication for introduction of new and/or established products directed at distributors or fabricators (such as point-of-purchase displays, screw machine, stamping, composite manufacturing and thermoforming). This site is designed to offer the printed magazine in electronic format and to make available all known suppliers of equipment and materials for this industry.
                                        Plastics Machining & Fabricating Magazine - The web site of Plastics Machining & Fabricating Magazine. PM&F is written for and about secondary plastics processing ie. companies that machine, saw, rout, trim, bond, weld, sand, form, thermoform, bend, and finish plastics. Regular features discuss sucessful technical strategies of companies from automotive parts manufacturers to machine job shops to store fixture and point of purchase display manufacturers. Materials range from high tech engineered plastics to acrylics.
                                        Papros Inc. - Customized assistance for the chemical and environmental planning industries.
                                        Plastics News on the Web - International Information Source for the Plastics Industry
                                        Park Scientific Instruments - From nanoscale to macroscale, our microscopes let you explore the Nanosphere.
                                        The Plastics Network - A hub for information and electronic commerce for the plastics industry.
                                        Politecnico di Milano (Italy) - Politecnico di Milano
                                        Polyhedron Laboratories Inc - Plastics, polymers, rubber, coatings, testing and analysis services.
                                        POLYMERS DOTCOM - The plastics industry's oldest and busiest industry-wide mega server.
                                        Polymer Testing of St. Louis, Inc - Testing of plastics, polymers, coatings, and test procedures. Specializing in formulation, research, development, failure analysis, and international FDA compliance certification
                                        Poly-Sort - The most comprehensive polymer industry site on the Internet.
                                        Prode - Prode is the provider of a variety of chemistry software tools for users of PCs, Macintosh computers, and UNIX workstations.

                                        QMR Plastics - A world class custom plastic injection molder with a state-of-the-art manufacturing and engineering facility.

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                                        Rapra Technology Limited - Consultants for the Rubber and Plastics Industry
                                        Rohm and Haas - Manufacturer of specialty chemicals and plastics. Company sales were $3.9 billion in 1995.
                                        Rex Plastics - Injection Molding of Plastics.  Plastic injection molding and design assistance, as well as mold design and manufacturing.
                                        Research Organics - A leading manufacturer of biochemicals for biomedical research, diagnostics and biotechnology, producing more than 3,000 commodity and specialty biochemicals on a scale from milligrams to metric tons.

                                        Star Bianchi S.R.L. (Italy) - We are involved in designing, co-designing and producing manufacts in plastic materials and technopolymers. We have four lines of production active and two on stand-by, for a total capacity of about 1ooo Kg for each shift. Our best experience is with thermoplastic technopolymers, such as PVC-NBR-EPDM-POLIURETANS. Our leading products are fuel pipes, oil pipes, cooling system pipes,breaking system pipes.
                                        Shell Chemical Company - A close-up look at how Shell Chemical Company's products add quality to your everyday life. From hand soaps to rooftops, we help make the products you use, and depend on, safer and better.
                                        Showa Chemical Reagents' Database (Japan) - Chemical's Database on the Internet. You can browse Chemical products through this interface. We are making this chemical database for many chemical researchers and the others with help.
                                        Sigma Chemical Company - Sigma provides one of the world's largest sources of chemical and biochemical products for laboratory research use.
                                        SOCIETY OF PLASTICS ENGINEERS - Dedicated to helping individuals in the plastics industry attain higher professional status through increased scientific, engineering, and technical knowledge.
                                        SPE Industry Update - The SPE Industry Update is a news source for the plastics industry; it frequently has new articles as well as a library of articles published in the past.
                                        Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. - One of Japan's leading chemical manufacturers, offering a diverse range of products, including basic chemicals, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, agricultural chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.
                                        SUN Co. Sunrooms & Patio Covers Ltd. - Sun-Co products are a sound investment in lifestyle and property, increasing the value of your home & quality of your time. When it's time to renovate, or time to change your surroundings, Sun-Co is the answer. Bring the outdoors inside with Sun-Co sunrooms, solariums, & patio covers.

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                                        ThomasNet's Need to Know Plastics and Rubber Guide - A great resource for information on plastics and rubber.

                                        Tangram Technology Ltd. - Tangram Technology provides high quality training, technical writing,change management, product design and field services to all areas of the plastics products and window industries. Services are designed for plastics processors, window systems suppliers, specifiers and large contractors, hardware manufacturers, fabricators and other companies involved in the polymer processing or window industries.
                                        Tangram Technology supplies the specialist technical knowledge that is needed by the PVC-U building products and glazing industry. Tangram provides the expert knowledge or skills not available in-house.
                                        TETRA Technologies, Inc - TETRA is a specialty inorganic chemical company selling products, services and process technologies to a variety of markets, including oil and gas, agriculture and enviromental service.

                                        US Valves - US Valves, Inc. manufactures and markets The Repeater non return valve for injection molding machines.

                                        VPI - Commercial flooring, thermoplastic sheet, and custom compounding.

                                        Wittmann Robot and Automation Systems, Inc. - Wittmann Robot and Automation Systems provide a variety of solutions for automating plastic injection molding operations. The primary products that Wittmann Robot offers are a broad range of high quality robot systems. In addition, Wittmann Robot also provides secondary equipment for turnkey start-ups of automated integration to your existing operations.
                                        Witt Plastics - Offers services to thermoforming, printing, die-cut and lighting industries.
                                        WWW Chemicals - Fine Chemicals, Biochemicals and Custom Synthesis Catalog.

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